You’ve tried talking to friends, reading self-help books— Hell, you’ve even tried therapy before…

I want to be Your Last Therapist.

I can help you…


You’re feeling lost and empty…You’re having trouble connecting with your own sense of self. You thought you’d have everything figured out by now, but all those things you’ve worked so hard for aren’t bringing you joy, and you don’t know what to do next. You’re not even sure you’re in the right job or the right relationship—you don’t know what you want any more.


You’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed…It’s interfering with your work, your sleep, your relationships. You’re trying to keep everyone happy and it’s never enough. Your partner doesn’t understand you when you try to explain how you feel, and you just end up fighting about it. No one gets it. You’re all alone, and you’re drowning.


You feel alone, unsupported, and lonely… Maybe you just went through a breakup. Maybe you’re dating again, and it just sucks! Maybe you feel all alone even though you have a partner—and no one has any idea just how alone you feel.

You have a feeling that a healthy relationship could make all the difference, but you’re not sure what they even look like, let alone how to build one. Most of the relationships you’ve had look kind of the same…and not in a good way. You just want to break out of this cycle and find happiness once and for all­—but how?

My name is Amy McManus, and I help smart, motivated, high-achieving young adults just like you.

I can help you Find Your Calm and Get. Your. Mojo. Back.

I believe that you deserve to feel the peace and clarity that comes from feeling good about yourself down to your very core. I believe that we should all have relationships that are healthy, supportive, and loving. You shouldn’t have to try to hide that part of you that feels it isn’t really “good enough”—you should know it, understand it, and love it instead. That deeply vulnerable part is what makes us human, and what makes it possible for us to connect on a deep, meaningful level with another human being. It’s baffling, it’s scary, it’s clumsy, and it’s our greatest gift.

Learn more about my qualifications, how I work, and my scintillating personality by clicking here.

I welcome diversity including all body sizes, abilities, races, sexualities, genders, religions and political values.

I offer therapy both in my Los Angeles office, and online anywhere in California.

Are you overwhelmed just thinking about finding a therapist?

No problem! Just give me a call at 323-999-1537 or shoot me an email at, and I will answer all your questions. If I’m not the right fit for you, I will be happy to refer you to someone who might be a better match for your needs.

When you call we will schedule a time for you to have your consultation either on the phone or in my office, whichever you prefer. I answer my own phone, so often we can have your consultation right when you call, if that works for you.

Or...Do you like to do a lot of research and learn everything you can before embarking on a new venture?

Perfect! My website is chock-full of information and resources, and the more you read the more you will get a sense of my style and approach so you can decide if we might be a good fit. I invite you to click on all the links below, and learn more about therapy and how it can help you with your particular struggles.


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I offer therapy both in my Los Angeles office, and online anywhere in California.

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