Do you find yourself daydreaming about the way your relationship used to be?

Does it feel like you are fighting all the time? Every little thing is an argument, and it’s basically the same argument, over and over. One of you is always yelling, and the other one is checked out. Both of you feel angry and alone.

Or possibly it’s just that you’ve grown apart. You had such hopes for building a family together, but since the kids came along you and your partner haven’t had the time or energy to talk about anything else. You’re sharing a home, but not a life.


Where is that spark you had at the beginning? You miss it terribly, and you want it back!

 Couples therapy works in west la

Couples therapy can help you regain the connection and reignite the spark you once had. You can work through your differences and build a newer, stronger, deeper relationship than you ever had before!

Well-known couples therapist Esther Perel says, “Most of us will have two or three marriages in our lifetime. Some will be with the same person!”

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