You had a big argument last night. Again.

It feels like you’re fighting all the time. Every little thing is an argument, and it’s basically the same argument, over and over.

You just want a little peace.

You’re so sick of the fighting; you just want some space to get your thoughts together. You want to be able to go 3 hours without another text asking how you’re doing.

“Is it supposed to feel this way?”, you wonder. Am I an asshole for getting angry at a simple text? Why can’t I just be happy? She’s practically perfect; she checks all the boxes. I’ll never find anyone else who loves me so much. Should I just suck it up?... But where am I in this equation?

You just want to be important.

You’re so tired of trying to get his attention. Of wanting to feel like your opinion is important, too. Everything else seems to come before your needs—work, the gym, the bro’s. And it seems like the more you try to connect, the more he pulls away.

You’re sick of having to fall apart just to get him to see how upset you are. You think, “That’s not me. I don’t want to have to throw a fit in order to get him to pay attention”. All you want is to be sure of him.

Is This Normal?

Couples therapy works in west la

Couples ask me all the time if their arguing is “normal”. Honestly, I have no friggin’ idea what “normal” is. I can tell you for sure, though, that this is super common. The struggles you are having in your relationship aren’t unique—many other couples have the same issues. Many.

The good news is that couples counseling can help you and your partner learn how to interact so that you can both get what you need— It doesn’t have to be an either/or. Couples counseling can help you deepen your bond, and support you in being your best self. It’s not easy, but I can guarantee you that you’ll be glad you put in the hard work.

Most of us will have two or three marriages in our lifetime. Some will be with the same person!”
— Esther Perel, MFT

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