Are You Feeling Stressed, Frustrated, Angry, or Isolated?

It's easy to feel that way as a teenager- especially in Los Angeles! Therapy can help give you the tools to manage your life and your relationships so that you feel better about each new day.

Therapy Doesn't Have To Suck!

Most of your world is all about judgment, but therapy is a place that is safe and non-judgmental.  You can tell me anything- I have heard it all!  You can talk about your thoughts and feelings and even the lousy thing you said to your BFF.  You will see how great it can be to have a place where someone understands where you are coming from, and can help you figure things out so you don't feel so crappy.

Therapy Can Even Be Fun!

We talk about everything in therapy.  We cry, but we also laugh- a lot!  I like to use humor, and I think a good laugh is very healing for the soul.  I will always be real with you.  I will expect you to work hard and I will call you on your b***s***.  We can work on issues like how to have healthy self-esteem or body image. You will learn how to manage your anxiety, how to talk to your friends (and your frenemies), how to have better relationships, how to talk to your parents about anxiety or depression, and how to get your parents to really hear you- you may even be able to tell them the truth about that party...

A Word About Parents...

The world today is so different from the one your parents grew up in, whether or not they grew up in Los Angeles like you. Your parents are probably having a lot of trouble understanding the crazy stress you have right now- I can help them with that!  I have raised four of my own kids, so I also speak "mom".  Parents are usually relieved to know that I have been in their shoes, too.  If you are under 18, I will probably need your parent to sign a consent form (there can be exceptions to this, though).  Either you or your parent can make the first call (or text).  If you are over 18, well, Congratulations- You made it! You will need to call me yourself- I can only talk to your parents with your permission.

Are You Ready To Start Feeling Better About Yourself?

Call or text me for a free consultation 323-999-1537, or email me at with any questions you have about how therapy works or anything else you want to know and I will get back to you within 24 hours. If you are not in my area, I will be happy to help you find a therapist near you who might be a good fit.