I Never Say No to Glitter

Recently my daughter and her friends were getting ready for Coachella, and among the many items they had laid on the bed to decide upon were two bottles of glitter.  My daughter asked her friend if she would like some, and she responded, “You know, I’m not really a ‘girly-girl’, but I never say no to glitter”.

Glitter for Coachella

For some reason this phrase stuck in my head all weekend. I kept thinking, “What is it that I never say ‘no’ to?” What are the things in my life that will make me stop in my tracks and change direction– stop whatever I am doing that seems important enough at the time, to do something instead that will add a little sparkle to my life.  Here are some of the things I came up with.

I never say “No” to:

Watching the sunset

A kiss from my husband

A game with my kids

A bike ride.


When I am at the end of my life, I know I will look back and count things like sunsets, kisses, bike rides and fun with my kids.  I will not measure my life by hours worked, loads of laundry, or sit-ups. And yet, how often do I live my life as though I remember that? It’s so easy to get caught up in daily chores, social media, or binge-watching the latest season of a favorite show. It’s good to have a “Never Say ‘No’ List” to keep us on track. Then when we are frantically cleaning the house or going through that giant pile of mail, and our teenager asks us to play a game of ping pong, we have an excellent excuse- it’s on the “Never Say ‘No’ List”! Problem solved.

Where do you see "glitter" in your life?

What is on your "Never say 'No' List" ?

Beautiful glittering ocean

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