One Last Weekend of Unofficial Summer

Getting organized in Venice Beach

How to Get. Sh*t. Done.

As usual, summer has flown by. Even if you’ve been enjoying those lazy days at the beach, or barbequing with friends through the long daylight hours, it’s hard to believe that it’s almost Labor Day. All those casual weekends spent day-drinking in the sunshine mean that your summer To-Do list is still too long…

Here are 3 quick ways to handle your list before Labor Day:

1.     Redo Your List

Take all the big projects, and break them down into steps. Yes, this makes your list longer. Stay with me, here…

 2.     Chunk it Down

Every day, take just a few things off your list. Do NOT use the entire list, put that away somewhere.

·      If it’s a work day and you just have time for 1 or 2 things, write those down on your calendar.

·      If it’s a weekend (or whatever your non-business day is) then use the 1-3-5 Rule: 1 big thing, 3 medium things, 5 small things. It’s manageable. Start with the small things and work up.

3.     Get Help

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·      If organization has never been your strength, use a task management system like Trello or Wunderlist.

·       If you get lost in the Interwebs, use something like the SelfControl app or the Freedom app.

·      If Social is your downfall, try FeedZen or  Newsfeed Eradicator for Facebook.

·      If you get a permanent knot in your neck set a timer to work for 25 minutes, then take 5 minutes to get up, stretch, dowhatyougottado. This is actually a patented system called The Pomodoro Technique. You can take an online course, or you can just set your timer.


Don’t be overwhelmed by your To-Do List!! When your projects are broken down into small chunks, and you just look at a few things on your list every day, it seems so much more manageable. Each time you do one of the items on the list, cross it off and take 1 minute to close your eyes and appreciate yourself for accomplishing that task. Is it hokey? Yes. Will it improve your mood and your ability to get sh*t done. Absolutely!

Could You Use Some Extra Help With Anxiety and Overwhelm?

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